Monday, November 8, 2010

Dream Cakes Opening Day

Well, it has been a long and difficult journey but we at Dream Cakes are proud to say that our own personal dream is about to come true. In ten short days we will be opening our own little shop just off of the plaza in Santa Fe, NM.
Our official opening day is set for the 19th with Opening Day festivities running through the 20th as well. Our shop is located at:

101 W. Marcy St.
Santa Fe, NM 87110
Hours: 8am- 6pm

We are also proud to announce that our opening day flavors are all decided.

Classic Cupcakes 3.50

Lemon Creme
Tropical Snow
Mocha Loca

Signature 4.50

Great Pumpkin
Eastern Spice

Pictures and details will be coming later in the week along with a coupon for our first two opening days.

Thanks and sweet dreams!

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  1. This is great!!! Can't wait for gluten free experimentations =)